Sunday, 25 November 2012

Daily Delicious Design - DIY Christmas Gifts 1

I always get a sinking feeling around Christmas. I know I should be having a good time and buying fabulous gifts for everybody but there's never any money at the end of the year. Now with the twins it seems even tighter! To make matters worse I have a family that literally has EVERYTHING! AAAARRRGGGGHHH!!! But in an effort to survive this trying period I have decided to make as many gifts as possible. I have exactly a month and it is my mission to be frugal but still give cool gifts! Let the challenge begin!

My first idea is a DIY calendar. I used my biodiversity garden photos and added my favourite pink splash effect. I used the same red throughout for continuity, just adjusting the opacity etc. I used Dubiel Plain font and found a nice quote. Setting out the days was a bit tedious but at least it's set up for the next months. This is January so far. I'll post each month as I complete them.

DIY Christmas Gifts - Calendar

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