Thursday, 25 October 2012

Daily Delicious Design - Wonderful Wallpaper

Wallpaper used to have such a bad reputation. Just think back to busy 1970s rooms covered floor to ceiling in obnoxious, intrusive designs in browns and yellows. Not exactly what you'd want to look at after a hard day at the office! Luckily that craze is long over and now wallpaper is a lot more subtle. But if you really desire something loud and unabashed, then covering an accent wall can have a startling but not overwhelming effect. Personally I like my paint white, my accents primary and my wallpaper with nifty patterns. Have a look at these deliciously designed wallpapers from Aimee Wilder. (Pictures courtesy of ooh_food)

Nice from far and nice from close too!

Would look great with some bright yellow.

Nifty accent wall in a boy's room. 

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